New Card Design

I’ve redesigned the cards to Bridge Size (2.25×3.5 inches (56×87 mm)) and I have ordered 200 blank Bridge cards to use in my printer.  I’ve asked the GURPS community on Google+ to make any suggestions and to add any Maneuvers not covered in the current GURPS Combat Cards.  I’m still working on the Monster cards and I’m unsure if to actually use them or stick with 4×6 note cards.

GURPSCombatCards2 GURPSCombatCards

Microsoft OneNote and GURPS

OneNote and GURPS

Microsoft OneNote is an amazing program that can be used effectively as a campaign manager.  There are other programs out there like EverNote, Realmscape and a few others but as I already have OneNote and use if for University I just stick to what I know.

OneNote acts just like a spiral notebook that you can keep adding pages and tabs to.  You may screen capture, use OCR, and links within OneNote and to pages on the internet for easy reference.  You can get Apps for both android and iPhone/iPad which I have used for my Android tablet and my iPhone.  The photo above shows a desktop picture overlaid with my iPhone screen cap.  I tend to place my maps into OneNote then number them in OneNote and link the numbers to the descriptions in another tab.  It works really well except the links won’t work in the Apps.  I almost wish I would have waited for the Windows 8 tablet from ASUS instead of getting my Android.

I will be using this extensively in my GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Games.

Gearing up Again??

So that last post was more of a gearing down.  I’ve now found 3 players and we are going to start playing Biweekly or Monthly depending on our schedules.  The improved Combat Maneuver Cards (same as the GURPS Combat Cards but with more cards) are finished and I will be working on the next batch of cards which will be Combat Techniques.  These Combat Techniques will be your Neck Snaps, Knee Strikes, Dual Attacks that each character can do.  I am not making all the Techniques, that would be insane.  Rather I’ll compile a list of what Techniques the Characters have and add a few more for NPC’s.

I’ve added Icons to the cards for fun and as an easy way to organize stuff.








Do Nothing









Concentration, Evaluate, etc.

I’m looking forward to starting the campaign!