Welcome to GURPS Mega Dungeon! What I hope achieve with this blog is to bring my love of mega dungeons to GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. I will be exploring hex dungeons and hex geomorphs and sharing my success and failures with everyone. I will be looking into new ways of adding to my GURPS games including props, terrain, miniatures and computer programs. I am not in any way a GURPS Guru so I apologise for any rule miscalculations I may make in the future. I hope to offer most of my maps and adventures for download or links where you can get the same file/product that I used. I may at times deviate from the main theme from time to time.

My writing style is not pretty, my spelling is horrid but hopefully both will improve over the course of the history of this blog.

Now I would like to give a personal thanks to Rob from Dungeon Crawlers for hosting my blog.  If you have the time stop over and check out the forums.  I generally check them daily.

About my Dungeon World

My Dungeon Fantasy world takes place completely underground.  The 12 Architects keep digging out new areas filling it with wonders to behold!  Cities are known as Hives, towns and villages are known as Burrows.

The 12 Architects are Golems created by the Arcane University to help rebuild the country of Lervevia after Arcane obliterated most of the structures during the Mana War in which Arcane tried to annex Lervevia for it’s many Mana Sites.  For it’s shame of taking such a brutal course of action they sacrificed the majority of the wizards responsible for the war in a thirty day long ceremony.  Over a thousand slaves were sacrificed along with 200 wizards and hundreds of Elemental spirits to empower 12 specially crafted Golems which were used to not only rebuild Lervevia but to create the new Arcane University.  The Golems are the closest things to God’s ever seen on Trynë, being able to tear down and build cities in months.  After years of service it was time to place the Golems in stasis until they were needed again but the Golems refused to stop their building and as Arcane had sacrificed much of their power to build them they could do nothing to stop them.  The 12 Architects would continue to build across the face of  Trynë from small villages, dungeons, keeps, mazes, to whole cities.  They care nothing for borders, personal power, however they will defend themselves if attacked.  The  12 Architects do not intentionally harm life but accidents have been known to happen.

Many of the surface dwellers believe the 12 Architects sleep when not building, but they never sleep, they never stop.  When not building on the surface they are tunneling and digging and creating a wondrous world underneath the surface of Trynë.  It is not just habitats they build.  They create roadways to reach them, they create artifacts to assist such as the Brass Bulls that pull the long train of carts in circular routes stopping in each Burrow for the exact amount of time before heading off again (whether your done unloading or not).  They create Pocket Dimensions, portals to elemental planes and the world of the Fae. They have been known to create Burrows with no sources of water or food in one area then create the next with working plumbing and ventilation.

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