Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge

The Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge is live! The first stretch goal unlocked not shortly after! 12 pdf challenge. For a minimum of $3.00 USD you can get up to 12, ten page pdf’s for GURPS! I’ll attempt to edit the blog entry as it progresses.

UPDATE: All 12 pdf’s unlocked! 2,781 backers pledged $57,663 to help bring this project to life.

GURPS Action 6 – Tricked Out Rides: This 10-page PDF, written by Sean Punch, is a quick-and-dirty toolkit for adventures where sports cars pack more gadgetry than fighter jets, and miniguns fit behind headlights!

GURPS Hot Spots: The Incense Trail: Adventure and intrigue are on the Incense Trail, one of the earliest trade routes between disparate civilizations. Hostile terrain, magnificent treasures, political plots, and more await those who venture across the Arabian Peninsula.

Template Toolkit 3: Starship Crew: This PDF offers a set of character templates consistent with how space opera and soft sci-fi depict voyages to the stars, with roles spanning command, helm, ops, tactical, engineering, medical, science, and security, plus staff to look after cargo and passengers.

Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 3: Deep Night and the Star: This stand-alone adventure features the background, maps, and new monsters needed to bring it to life. It’s designed to scale for any number of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy heroes, ranging in ability from standard adventurers to more-seasoned heroes.

How to Be a GURPS GM: Ritual Path Magic offers tips and tricks,points out pitfalls, and provides new mechanics to handle trouble situations.

GURPS Steampunk Adventure: The Broken Clockwork World: This campaign setting presents a GURPS Steampunk framework featuring cross-world travelers in a world where reality is falling apart. Can the heroes escape, thrive, or even put things right?

Reign of Steel Read the Sky: The tiny Welsh village of Tenby has dropped out of vidcom contact. Two teams were sent to investigate; neither has returned. Time to send in the SAS!

GURPS Monster Hunters Encounters 1: GURPS Monster Hunters champions are among the best in the world at what they do…but there’s always more that needs doing. GURPS Monster Hunters Encounters 1 presents two encounters ready to use in any Monster Hunters campaign.

GURPS Action 7: Mercenaries: GURPS Action 7 provides players with guidelines and a new lens for creating mercenary PCs. It offers GMs advice and tables for setting up mercenary adventures and campaigns.

Boardroom and Curia: Tomorrow Rides: Tomorrow Rides presents the background, history, and stats for this organization. It also includes quick-and-easy rules for how to modify GURPS vehicles to reflect the quirky offerings of Tomorrow Rides.

GURPS Horror: Beyond the Pale: Beyond the Pale is a GURPS Horror adventure for four to six seasoned 150- to 200-point characters.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 21: Megadungeons: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy provides extensive resources for “Old School” hack ‘n’ slash gaming, but one thing has been missing up until now: support for dungeons big enough to be the location of an entire campaign. For dungeons with dozens of levels and hundreds of rooms. For megadungeons.


So probably not news to everyone but a new KickStarter for SJG is coming up and this one is GURPS related. ” Can we unlock all twelve PDFs before the clock runs out? ” So we have the titles to four of them and I’m excited about the Aciton 6: Tricked out Rides for my Monster Hunters game and How to be a GURPS GM Ritual Path Magic for my fantasy settings. Will there be a Dungeon Fantasy or DFRPG pdf in that lot? I dont’ know yet. This is to be a short run KickStarter so make sure you subscribe for an update when it launches!

Edit 28/06/2020

News from Dungeon Fantastic including the titles for the first 6 of 12 pdf’s!

GURPS Action 6: Tricked-Out Rides
GURPS Hot Spots: The Incense Trail
GURPS How to Be a GURPS GM: Ritual Path Magic
GURPS Steampunk Setting: The Broken Clockwork World
GURPS Action 7: Mercenaries
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 21: Megadungeons

Look that the sixth title! Dungeon Fantasy 21: Megadungeons!! I’m really looking forward to this one!


Despite my constant bitching and moaning they still have not added UK or CA links for their print on demand, but that aside there are eight DFRPG titles and plenty of regular GURPS titles like Psionic Powers which I missed out on back in the day. These are all soft cover but the PoD is much better than it was originally so I’m not as hesitant to purchase them now.

GURPS Combat Cards in Print coming as well. I’m pretty excited to see those! They are only available for pre-order for those that backed the t-shirt KickStarter and only for the U.S. but once all the backers get their shirts they will be made available on Warehouse 23! So that is very cool! Something I’ve been asking for for over five years!

EDIT June 26th 2020

Literally a day after posting this blog, Gaming Ballistic reports on some additional information pertaining to this post.

I plan on doing a review of Dungeon Fantasy Planner in the next month or so depending on how much time I have to hand draw and write in this planner. I went ahead and purchased the pdf and a PoD copy from Amazon. Anything to support GURPS Dungeon Fantasy and DFRPG!

GURPS now on!

I’m seriously surprised to see this but Steve Jackson Games are now on! You can still purchase them at Warehouse 23 which is were I will continue to get my GURPS books, mostly because that is where I always purchased them and it is easier to have all my eggs in one basket.  However this is a great move on behalf of SJG as it will hopefully bring in new players!  Many fan social media sites are hoping, speculating that this is a first step towards a more open license.  I’m not so sure about that but it is a good move either way.

Speaking of Warehouse 23 you can now purchase Cardboard Hero Hex Bases both the Black Hex Bases and the Rainbow Hex Bases. Twelve bases for only $6.00 USD +shipping.