Battle Tile Tokens

To reduce the extremely large number of tiles I’m creating I’m adding tokens around the tiles.  It may use a bit more ink but it also allows you to get more out of your photo paper as well.  The tokens will allow you to place stairs, traps, treasure, etc. anywhere you want on your tiles.

Door Tokens

 These three style door tokens will allow you place your doors within any area on the tiles for the wider Vertical Corridors.  Carefully cut them out with a hobby knife using proper safety procedures and you can then either glue one side and fold in half on the grey dotted line or cut them in half and glue them on to thicker card. The backs of the tokens will have information on the type of door.  To make this easier and more customizable for those of you using the tiles all token pdf’s will be form fillable. Which means you can enter your own data. The center token in the picture above is how they will all look with blank data fields where as the other two is a representation of how they will look with the information inserted by the user.

Test it out on this pdf for yourself!  You will have to download the pdf, Google Docs won’t let you use the form features in the preview.

Because the Horizontal Corridors have to be slightly reduced in width I have created two types of door tokens for each door type. These also will have a form option on the reverse side.

Here are some of the options you can place from getting from one level to another.  I manipulated the pit images in photoshop.  The top one is a pit down to another corridor directly below it and the bottom one is just a deep pit.  I probably should have placed a skeleton on the bottom for scale. If you fold the pit symbols on the grey lines and glue the trap door parts together then glue the bottom (pitt symbol) to a piece of thick card you can have a pit tile with a working door!

Now to make sure that the pdf’s can be used by both A4 and 8.5″x11″ I’ve placed a red rectangle on my sheet representing the size of 8.5″ by 11″. This will make sure none of the pieces will be cut off due to size. Everyone will have to print them with no margins though.

I’d be interested to know what kind of tokens people would like to see.

Plague Bearer (Diablo II)

The Plague Bearer looks no different from other Zombies with the exception of what appear to be fresh puss filled boils on their body.  When they touch exposed flesh they transfer a deadly disease to their victims.  This Plague is magical in nature and can only be caught by direct contact from the original host (the Plague Bearer) material.  So an individual who has caught the plague can not spread it to another person.  However touching any of the original material will infect a person.  Whether it is from direct contact from the Plague Bearer or from accidentally touching the remains of the Plague Bearer such as its corpse (you must burn the corpse to make it free from containment), or even by cleaning off your equipment after battling one.  One Plague Bearer shuffling through a town could infect anywhere from 5-50 victims. Thankfully they are easy to spot/smell.

Template: Plague Bearer (Zombie) -64 Points

Attribute Modifiers: ST +1 [10]; IQ -3 [-60];

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: HP +5 [10]

Advantages: Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep;  High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity (All Mind Control); Innate Attack [6]; Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood); Single-Minded;  Temperature Tolerance 10; Unaging; Unfazeable

Disadvantages: Appearance (Monstrous; Universal); Bad Smell (Reek of the Grave); Cannot Learn; Disturbing Voice;  Fragile (Unnatural); No Sense of Smell/Taste; Reprogrammable; Social Stigma (Dead);  Unhealing (Total);  Wealth (Dead Broke)

Skills: Brawling 10 (DX+0, 1), [B182]

Plague Touch: Innate Attack: 1D tox (Cyclic: 1 sec +100%, Contact Agent (no AoE) -30%, Resistible: HT-2 -20%) [6]

Source: GURPS Magic [152], Diablo II

Falddinor Pinebrook

Back in September of this year Steve Jackson Games ran a contest for a Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory, the winner was randomly chosen. Sadly I didn’t win but it did give me a great idea for a character.

While hunting and foraging in the forested foothills of The Neverending Rise, Falddinor came upon an old human man practicing Martial Arts. Falddinor watched the old man and learned the forms in secret until he was found out by the old master.  Falddinor was eventually accepted as a disciple and spent fifteen years learning the art of the Five Element Sword, the Eight Diagram Sword Technique and the Bāguà zhǎng style. He fights predominantly with dual weapons. He now wanders the world of “Jianghu” in search of spiritual knowledge, physical challenge, and to uphold righteousness.

Falddinor has long dark green hair which he braids a dart at the end of, and bright green eyes. He is lean and muscular with a hawkish nose. He carries a pair of antler hook swords as his preferred weapon, uses Deerhorn Knives in close quarters, a long knife strapped sideways across the small of his back and “Scholars Pens” hidden in his sleeves. Although skilled with a bow he does not use them. He prefers loose clothing that allows him to move freely but not so baggy that it will hinder his movement.

He is curious to the point of being annoying, loves to talk about anything and everything and appreciates a good joke even if the joke is on him. He is respectful to those he admires and will mercilessly tease those he does not. When asked what people think of Falddinor “Laughing Wind” the most common response is you either love him or hate him.

The following is Falddinor Pinebrook at a medium level of technique.  This 250 point version does not take into account him learning the higher techniques.

Miniature made with


Falddinor Pinebrook Wood Elf (250 points)


ST 10 HP 10  Basic Speed 7.25
DX 17 Will 11 Basic Move 9
IQ 10   Per 10
HT 12  FP 12 SM 0
Dodge 10 +0 Parry 11 +0 DR: 0
                       Block 9 +0

MELEE Attacks
Bite (17): 1d-3 cr at reach C.
Deer Antlers • Knife (19): 1d-1 cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Deer Antlers • Main-gauche (15): 1d-1 cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Hook Sword • Hilt punch (17): 1d-2 cut at reach C ([4, 5]).
Hook Sword • Swing (17): 1d+1 cr at reach 1 ([5]).
Hook Sword • Thrust (17): 1d-1 cr at reach 1.
Hook Sword • Hook (17): 1d-4 cut at reach 1 ([3, 7]).
Karate • Punch (17): 1d-2 cr at reach C.
Karate • Kick (15): 1d-1 cr at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Knife Swing (19): 1d-1 cut at reach C, 1.
Long Knife • Knife Thrust (19): 1d-2 imp at reach C, 1.
Long Knife • Shortsword Swing (15): 1d-1 cut at reach 1.
Long Knife • Shortsword Thrust (15): 1d-2 imp at reach C, 1.

RANGED Attacks
Throwing Dart (14): 1d-2 imp, ACC of 1, range of 25 / 35, ROF of 1.

Martial Artist (Dungeon Fantasy); Wood Elf (Dungeon Fantasy).

Acrobatics–16; Blind Fighting–10; Body Control–12; Breath Control–13; Broadsword–17; Esoteric Medicine (Chi)–11; Fast-Draw (Sword)–17; Hiking–11; Judo–17; Jumping–17; Karate–17; Knife–19; Light Walk–18; Meditation–10; Pressure Points (Human)–11; Push–18; Running–11; Stealth–18; Tactics–10; Throwing–16.

I imagine Falddinor wearing something similar to this

This next version is 300 points and represents him at a more advanced level

Falddinor Pinebrook Wood Elf (300 points)

ST 10 HP 10 Basic Speed 7.25
DX 17 Will 11 Basic Move 9
IQ 10 Per 10
HT 12 FP 13 SM 0

Dodge 11 +0 Parry 12 +0 DR: 0
                      Block 9 +0

MELEE Attacks
Bite (17): 1d-2 cr at reach C.
Deer Antlers • Knife (17): 1d cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Deer Antlers • Main-gauche (13): 1d cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Exotic Hand Strike (Karate) (17): 1d cr at reach C.
Hammer Fist (Karate) (17): 1d-2 cr at reach C.
Hook Sword • Hilt punch (17): 1d-1 cut at reach C ([4, 5]).
Hook Sword • Swing (18): 1d+2 cr at reach 1 ([5]).
Hook Sword • Thrust (18): 1d cr at reach 1.
Hook Sword • Hook (18): 1d-3 cut at reach 1 ([3, 7]).
Karate • Punch (17): 1d-1 cr at reach C.
Karate • Kick (15): 1d cr at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Knife swing (17): 1d cut at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Knife thrust (17): 1d-1 imp at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Shortsword swing (18): 1d cut at reach 1.
Long Knife • Shortsword thrust (18): 1d-1 imp at reach C,1.

RANGED Attacks
Throwing Dart (17): 1d-1 imp, ACC of 1, range of 28 / 39, ROF of 1.

Martial Artist (Dungeon Fantasy); Pa Kua Chuan (Martial Arts); Wood Elf (Dungeon Fantasy).

Acrobatics–17; Animal Handling (Equines)–11; Arm Lock (Judo)–17; Blind Fighting–11; Body Control–12; Breath Control–13; Broadsword–18; Climbing–17; Disarming (Broadsword)–18; Dual-Weapon Attack (Broadsword)–18; Dual-Weapon Defense (Broadsword)–12; Dual-Weapon Defense (Knife)–10; Esoteric Medicine (Chi)–11; Evade (Judo)–17; Exotic Hand Strike (Karate)–17; Fast-Draw (Sword)–17; Hammer Fist (Karate)–17; Hook (Broadsword)–15; Judo–17; Jumping–17; Karate–17; Knife–17; Light Walk–18; Meditation–11; Navigation/TL3 (Land)–11; Parry Missile Weapons–18; Philosophy (Taoism)–8; Pressure Points (Human)–10; Pressure Secrets (Human)–9; Push–18; Reverse Grip (Broadsword)–12; Running–12; Shortsword–18; Stealth–18; Sweeping Kick (Judo)–14; Tactics–10; Thrown Weapon (Dart)–17; Whirlwind Attack (Broadsword)–15.

Tabletop Hex Terrain

I just backed a kickstarter for MDF Jigs to make hex terrain with!  Each hex is 100mm Vertical Hex (point to point)



A mock of what a dungeon might look like using this system. Remember each of those hexes are 100mm vertical.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to back it at first.  For GURPS I use 1″ (25.4mm) horizontal hexes and for this system it is 100mm vertically which allows for 25mm vertical hexes.  However I’ve decided that I’m not going to let it bother me as it looks so nice!  Here are the differences between the two.


GURPS standard on the right side, Hex Terrain Tool Kit on the left side. 14.7485% decrease in size

It will mean that some miniature bases will overlap the hex.  However it looks so nice!

1a81f16d496b9eca058260af80ab9b6b_original 65fc5c7cf5b6748696599017bb38aec4_original

17c7d80daa194a078d175da29d4ec74c_original 17aee6e5218b3a4e79d4efd72b68fa2b_original 1e0fd2ae5d47d1a4618a3051472b72b4_original

Look how amazing that looks!  With the risers it would be really easy to place a dungeon underneath the ground and terrain on top!  They are expected to arrive in March which will give me two months before Dungeon Fantasy Powered by GURPS arrives in May!

Also I will be able to use these for my wargaming as well.