Falddinor Pinebrook

Back in September of this year Steve Jackson Games ran a contest for a Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory, the winner was randomly chosen. Sadly I didn’t win but it did give me a great idea for a character.

While hunting and foraging in the forested foothills of The Neverending Rise, Falddinor came upon an old human man practicing Martial Arts. Falddinor watched the old man and learned the forms in secret until he was found out by the old master.  Falddinor was eventually accepted as a disciple and spent fifteen years learning the art of the Five Element Sword, the Eight Diagram Sword Technique and the Bāguà zhǎng style. He fights predominantly with dual weapons. He now wanders the world of “Jianghu” in search of spiritual knowledge, physical challenge, and to uphold righteousness.

Falddinor has long dark green hair which he braids a dart at the end of, and bright green eyes. He is lean and muscular with a hawkish nose. He carries a pair of antler hook swords as his preferred weapon, uses Deerhorn Knives in close quarters, a long knife strapped sideways across the small of his back and “Scholars Pens” hidden in his sleeves. Although skilled with a bow he does not use them. He prefers loose clothing that allows him to move freely but not so baggy that it will hinder his movement.

He is curious to the point of being annoying, loves to talk about anything and everything and appreciates a good joke even if the joke is on him. He is respectful to those he admires and will mercilessly tease those he does not. When asked what people think of Falddinor “Laughing Wind” the most common response is you either love him or hate him.

The following is Falddinor Pinebrook at a medium level of technique.  This 250 point version does not take into account him learning the higher techniques.

Miniature made with https://www.heroforge.com/


Falddinor Pinebrook Wood Elf (250 points)


ST 10 HP 10  Basic Speed 7.25
DX 17 Will 11 Basic Move 9
IQ 10   Per 10
HT 12  FP 12 SM 0
Dodge 10 +0 Parry 11 +0 DR: 0
                       Block 9 +0

MELEE Attacks
Bite (17): 1d-3 cr at reach C.
Deer Antlers • Knife (19): 1d-1 cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Deer Antlers • Main-gauche (15): 1d-1 cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Hook Sword • Hilt punch (17): 1d-2 cut at reach C ([4, 5]).
Hook Sword • Swing (17): 1d+1 cr at reach 1 ([5]).
Hook Sword • Thrust (17): 1d-1 cr at reach 1.
Hook Sword • Hook (17): 1d-4 cut at reach 1 ([3, 7]).
Karate • Punch (17): 1d-2 cr at reach C.
Karate • Kick (15): 1d-1 cr at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Knife Swing (19): 1d-1 cut at reach C, 1.
Long Knife • Knife Thrust (19): 1d-2 imp at reach C, 1.
Long Knife • Shortsword Swing (15): 1d-1 cut at reach 1.
Long Knife • Shortsword Thrust (15): 1d-2 imp at reach C, 1.

RANGED Attacks
Throwing Dart (14): 1d-2 imp, ACC of 1, range of 25 / 35, ROF of 1.

Martial Artist (Dungeon Fantasy); Wood Elf (Dungeon Fantasy).

Acrobatics–16; Blind Fighting–10; Body Control–12; Breath Control–13; Broadsword–17; Esoteric Medicine (Chi)–11; Fast-Draw (Sword)–17; Hiking–11; Judo–17; Jumping–17; Karate–17; Knife–19; Light Walk–18; Meditation–10; Pressure Points (Human)–11; Push–18; Running–11; Stealth–18; Tactics–10; Throwing–16.

I imagine Falddinor wearing something similar to this

This next version is 300 points and represents him at a more advanced level

Falddinor Pinebrook Wood Elf (300 points)

ST 10 HP 10 Basic Speed 7.25
DX 17 Will 11 Basic Move 9
IQ 10 Per 10
HT 12 FP 13 SM 0

Dodge 11 +0 Parry 12 +0 DR: 0
                      Block 9 +0

MELEE Attacks
Bite (17): 1d-2 cr at reach C.
Deer Antlers • Knife (17): 1d cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Deer Antlers • Main-gauche (13): 1d cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Exotic Hand Strike (Karate) (17): 1d cr at reach C.
Hammer Fist (Karate) (17): 1d-2 cr at reach C.
Hook Sword • Hilt punch (17): 1d-1 cut at reach C ([4, 5]).
Hook Sword • Swing (18): 1d+2 cr at reach 1 ([5]).
Hook Sword • Thrust (18): 1d cr at reach 1.
Hook Sword • Hook (18): 1d-3 cut at reach 1 ([3, 7]).
Karate • Punch (17): 1d-1 cr at reach C.
Karate • Kick (15): 1d cr at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Knife swing (17): 1d cut at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Knife thrust (17): 1d-1 imp at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Shortsword swing (18): 1d cut at reach 1.
Long Knife • Shortsword thrust (18): 1d-1 imp at reach C,1.

RANGED Attacks
Throwing Dart (17): 1d-1 imp, ACC of 1, range of 28 / 39, ROF of 1.

Martial Artist (Dungeon Fantasy); Pa Kua Chuan (Martial Arts); Wood Elf (Dungeon Fantasy).

Acrobatics–17; Animal Handling (Equines)–11; Arm Lock (Judo)–17; Blind Fighting–11; Body Control–12; Breath Control–13; Broadsword–18; Climbing–17; Disarming (Broadsword)–18; Dual-Weapon Attack (Broadsword)–18; Dual-Weapon Defense (Broadsword)–12; Dual-Weapon Defense (Knife)–10; Esoteric Medicine (Chi)–11; Evade (Judo)–17; Exotic Hand Strike (Karate)–17; Fast-Draw (Sword)–17; Hammer Fist (Karate)–17; Hook (Broadsword)–15; Judo–17; Jumping–17; Karate–17; Knife–17; Light Walk–18; Meditation–11; Navigation/TL3 (Land)–11; Parry Missile Weapons–18; Philosophy (Taoism)–8; Pressure Points (Human)–10; Pressure Secrets (Human)–9; Push–18; Reverse Grip (Broadsword)–12; Running–12; Shortsword–18; Stealth–18; Sweeping Kick (Judo)–14; Tactics–10; Thrown Weapon (Dart)–17; Whirlwind Attack (Broadsword)–15.

Diablo II Drowned Carcass

I like to get inspiration from video games which I think is only natural as they got their ideas from Tabletop RPG’s.  However many games will have several, if not up to a dozen, different subclasses of the same creature.  Let’s take the Diablo franchise.  Between I & III there are over 12 types of zombies.  So I thought it would be fun to make some of them as a little surprise to my players. I have yet to get GURPS Zombies so please take that into consideration.  I may have made a few mistakes in this.  Such as I don’t know if the Drowned Carcass needs a special Advantage to be able to transform into a Crawling Torso and I disagree with the Disadvantage Lame (Legless) to have a Basic Move of 0 as it does not take into account the ability to crawl or drag yourself by your arms.  However I can imagine this to be a fun turn of events as I remember to my surprise the first time a Walking Corpse turned into a Crawling Torso in Diablo III

Please feel free to add some suggestions on how to fix any issues I may have overlooked.

Template: Drowned Carcass (Zombie) -168 points

Drowned Carcasses are found in/near bodies of water like lakes, ponds, swamps, rivers, etc.  Their bodies are bloated from time spent within the depths of the water.  They move slower and are less intelligent than bog standard Zombies (pun intended) but have a higher strength to compensate.  The touch of a Drowned Carcass carries with it the cold of the deep water which will cause fatigue damage to exposed skin.

Attribute Modifiers: ST+2 {20}; IQ-3 {-60}; HT+1 {10}.

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Move -1 {-5}; HP +4 {8}

Advantages: Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep; High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity (All Mind Control); Innate Attack: Cold {6}; Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving);  Temperature Tolerance 10; Unaging;  Unfazeable;

Disadvantages: Appearance (Monstrous; Universal); Automaton; Bad Smell; Cannot Learn; Dependency (Mana; common, constantly); Disturbing Voice;  Fragile (Unnatural); No Sense of Smell/Taste; Reprogrammable; Single-Minded; Social Stigma (Dead); Unhealing (Total); Wealth (Dead Broke)

Quirks: Sexless {-1}

Skills: Brawling 10 (DX+0, 1), [B182]; Wrestling 9 (DX-1, 1) [B228]

Chilling Touch: Innate Attack: 1D+1 fat (Melee Attack: Reach C -30%, Contact Agent (no AoE) -30%) [6]

The Drowned Carcass has one in three chance of transforming into a Crawling Torso upon it’s ‘death’.  It is at this time a new monster with the sacrifice of its lower Torso to heal it and transform it into a new creature.  It loses it’s Innate Attack.

Template: Crawling Torso (Zombie) -178 points

A Crawling Torso is the remains of the lower half of a Zombie.  These pathetic, yet disturbing creatures will lay in wait for its victims grabbing at their legs and feet and to trip them up so they might crawl on top to consume their prey.

Attribute Modifiers: ST+1 {10}; IQ-2 {-60}; HT+1 {10}.

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Move +4 {20}; HP +4 {8}

Advantages: Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep; High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity (All Mind Control); Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving);  Temperature Tolerance 10; Unaging;  Unfazeable;

Disadvantages: Appearance (Monstrous; Universal); Automaton; Bad Smell; Cannot Learn; Dependency (Mana; common, constantly); Disturbing Voice;  Fragile (Unnatural); Lame (Legless); No Sense of Smell/Taste; Reprogrammable; Single-Minded; Social Stigma (Dead); Unhealing (Total); Wealth (Dead Broke)

Quirks: Sexless {-1}

Skills: Brawling 10 (DX+0, 1), [B182]; Wrestling 9 (DX-1, 1) [B228]

Note: Lame (Legless) disadvantage gives a Basic Move of 0, hence the need for an increased Basic Move +4 to indicate rapid crawling.  The Crawling Torso can not move and attack with its arms, but can move and attack with Bite.

Octopus Carnival

I just discovered Octopus Carnival on Google+.  This blog, written by Ubiratan Pires Alberton, a.k.a. Bira, who is a native of Brazil and has been gaming since he was 10.  I’m currently enjoying his conversion of Pathfinder NPC’s into Dungeon Fantasy with full stats and links to their original Bio’s!  Just today Jirelle the Swashbuckler was added, who also has her own Reaper Miniature!

Other items in the blog is the conversion of Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma game into GURPS DF, which appear to fit very well. I personally like the Magic Archer. You really should take a look and bookmark  Octopus Carnival as it has a wealth of information and inspiration!

Tabletop Hex Terrain

I just backed a kickstarter for MDF Jigs to make hex terrain with!  Each hex is 100mm Vertical Hex (point to point)



A mock of what a dungeon might look like using this system. Remember each of those hexes are 100mm vertical.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to back it at first.  For GURPS I use 1″ (25.4mm) horizontal hexes and for this system it is 100mm vertically which allows for 25mm vertical hexes.  However I’ve decided that I’m not going to let it bother me as it looks so nice!  Here are the differences between the two.


GURPS standard on the right side, Hex Terrain Tool Kit on the left side. 14.7485% decrease in size

It will mean that some miniature bases will overlap the hex.  However it looks so nice!

1a81f16d496b9eca058260af80ab9b6b_original 65fc5c7cf5b6748696599017bb38aec4_original

17c7d80daa194a078d175da29d4ec74c_original 17aee6e5218b3a4e79d4efd72b68fa2b_original 1e0fd2ae5d47d1a4618a3051472b72b4_original

Look how amazing that looks!  With the risers it would be really easy to place a dungeon underneath the ground and terrain on top!  They are expected to arrive in March which will give me two months before Dungeon Fantasy Powered by GURPS arrives in May!

Also I will be able to use these for my wargaming as well.


GURPS Campaign Booklet!

So I’m kind of handy and creative at sporadic moments. I’m making a 32 page Dungeon Fantasy Campaign Book, A5, to help me whip up my games. I’m a BIG fan of layered pdf’s and fillable forms in pdf so you will be able to do all of that with it. I will also offer it for free to everyone as I have a thing about making money off hobby stuff (stops being a hobby).

Here is what will be on the pages so far

Page 1: Cover, you can insert your own images, Title, Campaign Segment Number.
Page 2: Campaign Overview
Page 3: Campaign Overview cont. Campaign Checklist to help stay on track
Page 4: Text Box
Page 5: Layered Graph section
Page 6: Top half Layered Graph, bottom half Double Column Text box
Page 7: Encounter Sheet. A place to list the encounters and maybe some tick boxes to use for HP/FP tracking.
Repeat Pgs. 4-7 until page 15 (total of 3 sets)
Pages 16 & 17 Middle full page map/image spread
Pages 18-21 Same as 4-7
Pages 22-25 PC overview
Page 26-27 NPC/Monster overview
Page 28 Random Encounter tables
Page 29 Random loot table
Pages 30 & 31 Game notes
Page 32 Back cover, maybe some game aides.


The colour can be switched off to just black and white.

The NPC/Monster and PC overview is just going to be Attributes, a few lines for skill/power so only the most used or important.  Armor and a few weapons.  Very basic but enough to allow the GM to keep tabs on things without having to scroll through a full sheet.

The Graph Paper pages gives you six layers to choose from


left to right Lined Paper, Geomorph Tile, Geomorph Map, Square Graph, Isometric Graph, Blank for inserting image.

The half page option is much the same as above but only offers the top half for the graph and bottom half for writing.  I’ll keep posting as I make progress.

Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game is successful!


I’m extremely happy to have backed this project! We hit a bunch of the stretch goals and it is my hope that we will see some future backing for this new Dungeon Fantasy Powered by GURPS® in the future.  By that I mean more monster books and adventures, source books, etc. I’m sorry that I couldn’t have backed it with the “I Want It All” $250 option but I did back it with the game and GM Screen.

I’m curious to see the winners for the background contests which I hope they will announce next week.  There are some really good ideas that were submitted and I plan to use a few of them for NPC’s and treasures for sure!


Session 3: Raid on the Slavers Stronghold

As with all Sunday Sessions this one was shorter.

Kensuke and Leroy continued to sneak through the camp.  With it being one in the morning the camp has only the Goblin watch on the towers.  The swamp is dangerous in the night and the twenty foot palisade does give a sense of security.  Who would expect a master Ninja and Martial Artist to come super jumping on top using stealth and complex moves to take out the inhabitants?

They climb halfway down the palisade on the inside and jump down.  Making several stealth rolls they sneak through the sleeping stronghold.  The first building has a large double door that is locked.  Not wanting to alert the goblin watch they leave it and continue to sneak through camp.  Kensuke and Leroy come upon a rotting building with five sleeping individuals inside.  Kensuke takes watch while Leroy sneaks in and uses his ninja skills to kill the occupants in their sleep.  Suffering a -4 on stealth while silently attacking Leroy places a knee on chest, hand over mouth and slides his short ninja swords under the chin and through the head.  Much to the disdain of the GM Leroy doesn’t even come close to failing a roll.  This continues on to the next room as Leroy kills the Ogre smith and four more Goblins.

The find a large round house and a very well kept, reenforced building.  They decide to check out the the round house and find about 20 sleeping Goblins.  Leroy knows his luck would not hold out in there so they prop the door shut and investigate the other building.  They find they are unable to open the door and there is no lock to pick, feeling that the book they need to return to normal must be in the buiding Kensuke concentrates with a power punch and places a fist sized hole through to door.  Now knowing they made too much noise Leroy rushes in to the building to find it very quite.  Kensuke stays back at the entrance to monitor the Round House.  Without warning a dart flys at Leroy hitting him.  There is an old Goblin with a blowgun.  Before he can reload Leroy attacks but the quick little Goblin dodges or parries all of his attacks.  Sensing Leroy may need help he jumps to attack only to have a few more Goblins charge out of a side door.  Obviously no one told the Goblins not to fight a Martial Arts master in close combat and Kensuke grabs one goblin and using his throwing art skill he uses one Goblin as a weapon against the other.  Leroy on the other hand is finding out that this old Goblin knows a thing or two about combat.  After a few rounds all three Goblins are dispatched.  Kensuke runs out to check the Round House while Leroy runs in to see if the book is in the next room.

The Goblins in the round house are trying to get out so Kensuke grabs a barrel of oil from the smithy and starts the hut on fire.  Meanwhile the Goblin watch start to fire Crossbows at the heroes.  Leroy runs into the main room to find what can only be described as a human sized demon with claws the size of long knives and a mouth full of sharp needle like teeth.  Behind the demon is the Witch and she commands the demon to kill.  Doing what comes naturally to such find upstanding heroes Leroy runs away screaming.  Kensuke is just finishing up the barbeque  when Leroy runs out of the room with the Demon chasing after.  Not one to wait he Super Jumps into the fray and the pair of the spar off with the supernatural entity.  The fight lasts a few rounds before the creature is sent back to its own plane of existence.  The two run back in to confront the witch or get the book and leave.  When they arrive there is no one about.  Using perception they locate a secret door but too late!  The witch has left through a side door!

Long story short they catch up to the witch and dispatch her very easily as she never had the time to start another ritual to summon a demon.  They take the book they need, dispatch the Goblins on the towers, with Sethroy’s help who had just finally arrived, (not without taking some serious damage) and head back to where Aloysius is only to discover he has been kidnapped.

Session 2: In Search of the Swamp Witch

With all three players available this time we did the wrap up from the previous session with the characters returning to town to get their reward for killing the Cave Bear.  The Leroy the Ninja was almost blind in the daylight having acquired Darkvision from the cursed stone.  After collecting their reward they headed back to the inn where they unloaded some wares and put Leroy down to rest.  Sethroy the Assassin went about selling the gem stones and got mixed reactions due to his newly acquired Feral Aura.  The jeweler gave him a better deal in fear of this Human with an inner rabid animal, and the weapons dealer gave him half the going rate because he didn’t like the look of him.  Meanwhile Kensuke the Martial Artist was walking behind Sethroy completely covered, with hood (like a sith) due to his physical appearance as his skin had not just gone albino, but slightly translucent as well.  He borrowed the obsidian knife from Sethroy and left to go shave has he had not done so for almost a year.

Sethroy then goes to the Enchanter to see about making a special cloak out of the Cave Bears unusual pelt and to see if this curse could get lifted.  After charging them slightly more than what they just brought back from the tunnels the Enchanter gives Sethroy a quick inspection and tells him to go back to the Inn and he will refer the case to a colleague of his.

That day Leroy introduces Bob his galactic space hamster.  Bob has much to say on almost everything but since only Leroy speaks galactic space hamster he will have to interpret.   The next day men from the city watch arrive to escort the three to Patriarch Ranz Mentzer the ruler of Cillamar.  The Patriarch was once a high priest in the Theocracy of the Lance and is a very pious man.  After interviewing them the Patriarch says he feels slightly responsible for their condition.  After all if he had had the men to go after the Cave Bear this would never have happened to the player characters.  The Patriarch will not abide evil in any forms, nor will he allow the possession by evil forces.  To battle this evil he has assigned Theodore the Acolyte and Aloysius the Artificer-Scholar.  After a week and a few days of research not only is the crystalline Cave Bear Cloak finished but Theodore found some information about a Swamp Witch to the south Kyleth the Witch Queen is known to be in possession of the Ars Maieficus, a wicked tome of forbidden knowledge sure to detail the cure to the crystal’s curse.

The following day the three head off with Sethroy on horseback, Kensuke and Leroy on foot and Aloysius will be accompanying with two ponies, one laded down with boxes.  The first three days of travel are peaceful but on the fourth day the party is attacked by bandits.  I mean who wouldn’t attack some one who is obvious a minor lord with his expensive cloak, 2 retainers (only one that has weapons) on foot and an old man with two ponies laden down with what is obviously treasure.  The party refuse to pay the ‘toll’ and Leroy rolls a 4 on perception! He easily spots the three bowman hidden in the brush.  The following battle takes about eight seconds as Sethroy and Leroy throw knives at the bowmen and Kensuke powerleaps to the man in the road and paralyses his legs and arms with pressure points.  Leroy then Power jumps to the bowman who is still recovering from the surprise of the knife in his chest and in three quick strikes (even after penalties) there is an explosion of bits of flesh, bone and blood has his Ninja-To slices through the unarmored bowmen. By now Sethroy finally gets to the third bowman (dodging a shot on the way) and dispatches him cleanly.  The three tell the bandit on the road to go back to his farm and lead an honest life or they will be back to punish him.

That night everyone has strange dreams of something evil chasing them towards the obelisk.  When they wake up they have gone through another transformation.  The rest of them have gone albino and dark vision and Leroy has gained Feral Aura. The group now has a dilemma as they can no longer see properly during the day.  Not to fear says Aloysius as he pulls out a weird head contraption with leather straps, brass tubes and rose quartz enchanted lenses.  I can see fairly well with my Nocturnal Occulus!  The party camps for the rest of the day.  Aloysius shows the group his hand held repeating catapult, although it really should be mounted on a tripod as it is very unbalanced, and not very accurate but works well to pepper an area with small stones.

That night the group move slowly (as the horse and ponies can’t see that well) and enter the swamp.  Their feral aura works in their favor as most of the wild animals stay away (it was at this point the GM remembers the horse and ponies should have reacted to it and decides it’s better not to mention his mistake to the players).  After a day in the swamp the party find a series of foot bridges going between ‘islands’ in the swamp.  Following it brings them quickly to a scene of carnage as Orcs lay scattered around their barred wagons.  Something very large hit these Orcs.  Kensuke does not believe in Orcs and insists they are just really ugly humans with bad dental hygiene.   Aloysius swears as he realises that the orcs are using Blight Weapons!  He describes the evil process used to create them to the characters and the characters decide to leave them behind.  The characters conclude that the wagons are meant to either hold prisoners or slaves due to the shackles on the inside and the iron bars.

After a short time following the bridge network the players see a group of Orcs huddled on an island, they are certainly afraid of something but there is no light for them to see.  The characters call out to the Orcs from a distance and the Orcs reply in thier own language and shake their Falchions in the air.  The group spend several minutes trying to decide what to do with the Orcs when just then the GM has had enough and shouts.  Only one player jumped (sadly) so he was not able to react when a large Dragon falls from the sky behind the Orcs and starts attacking them relentlessly.  The Horse and Ponies should have bolted but the GM forgot about them again.  Leroy and Kensuke Power Jump into the fray doing an Eiffel Tower on the way while Sethroy runs up and Aloysius starts setting up his repeating catapult.

It is obvious that the Dragon is behaving strangely and seems to be sick.  Kensuke unleashes a barrage of attacks on the Dragons neck while Leroy pummels it with his tonfa’s.  The crushing attacks appear to be doing minimal damage to the dragon.  By the time Sethroy arrives the dragon had not managed to land a single blow on the heroes.  Leroy has now focused the attacks on the dragons Eyes (missing most of the time) and Sethroy attacks with a swing and a lunge.  the first weapon to actually puncture the dragon and Sethroy is rewarded by a splash of acid on his hands causing a bit of pain.  Now the dragon is extremely enraged and bites Leroy however the GM rolls a 2 for damage and Leroy’s Ninja armor soaks up the damage and the dragon looses a tooth.  A few more rounds and the players dispatch the dragon and the creature seems to have some form of necrotizing fasciitis.  Some of the scales are in good nick and Sethroy and Aloysius start to plunder the creature while Kensuke and Leroy scout out the area using a map they found on one of the Orcs corpses.

40 minutes later they come on an Orc Stronghold made of Wood with a 20 foot high Wooden Palisade.  The Towers have Goblin Guards which Kensuke says are just ugly midgets. [I should point out by now Kensuke agrees that Orcs had existed but all the ones he has seen are now dead so they are extinct, just like dragons. <sigh>]  Using their Super Jump, a DX check, and a stealth roll at -2 the two Super Jump to the top of the palisade wall and climb down.  Inside they find two slave pits with Humans, some Elves, 3 dwarves and 2 gnomes.  Here we end the adventure as we ran out of time.

After 40 minutes

The Sinister Secret of Whiterock

As you can tell from my infrequent posts over the last few years I have not had much time to play GURPS and most of my friends have had even less time.  Well now I have a group of three that play, more or less, every other week.  However I still have not had a lot of time to make any original adventures so I’ve been doing something I have not done since the 80’s, I’m using purchased adventures!  Now converting adventures can be almost as time consuming as making one from scratch but it will still save me some time in the long run.

I’ve decided to go with Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics with a splash of some original AD&D modules for good measure.  Our first adventure was The Sinister Secret of Whiterock #51.5. I found this adventure to be the perfect starter for our games.  It took six hours to run through the entire thing and it gave the party time to remember how to play (including myself).

Converting Challenges

As with anything GURPS 4e the one place that it will fall short is the lack of diverse book of Monsters.  Now they do have a lot of monsters but it is spread out through several books and not all of them are suitable for every adventure.  This is not normally a problem with my regular Fantasy games, but for Dungeon Fantasy it is a large problem for me.  I use DF when I don’t have a ton of spare time to design, this includes NPC’s and Monsters.  I replaced Owlbears with Cave Bears and had to design my own Sih’hel.

Thankfully the rest of the monsters where quite standard, Giant insects and mammals and a few skeletons.

Now the traps threw me for a bit as I don’t normally have traps in my standard fantasy games, however with a bit of reading I found the area that explained them.  When I get the time I will make a list like Grimstooth Traps for GURPS.

Playing Challenges

I have to admit that I forgot a good portion of the rules and I did not run the game as seamless as I should have.  The first few combats were a challenge and I did not do so well when the players did unexpected actions.  The players pretty much walked in unprepared.  No healing potions, no torches, no bandages.  For a Ninja, Assassin, and a Martial Artist they found out what happens when you don’t follow the 7 P’s ( Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performances).

Overview of the Session

One player could not make it (the Ninja), So we start the game in an Inn (what? you where expecting something original?) when the players hear rumors of a Cave Bear in the area and the inn keepers son went missing while gathering herbs and firewood.  The innkeeper offers the players some gold and a weeks worth of boarding (excluding food and drink) if they would find his son.  The players except as they are extremely low on cash and I have not offered any other options.

Not expecting much they just head out without supplies (silly adventures) and discover some standing stones while following the cave bear tracks (which they only found because they critically rolled Per, none of them had tracking).  They accidentally find the entrance (grace of GM).  Thankfully the Assassin had Night Vision 4. All the combats go well but the martial artist is slowly whittled down throughout the game and relies heavily on defensive maneuvers and techniques towards the end.  The Assassin fairs no better and during the final confrontation the two end up running back up the dungeon and ambushing and retreating the entire way up.   After dealing with the Sih’hel sorceress  the two delvers limp back down to the black crystal obelisk to find any treasure.  What they do find is the Ninja player who is unconscious and tied to an alter.  They find some health potions (grace of GM) and end up spending over 24 hours in the place recovering and getting their loot together.  The don’t realize until they reach the light of day that the black obelisk has transformed their features giving them pale white skin, dark vision 1, and a feral aura (-1 reaction rolls).  Now how will they deal with this curse?