Scavenger (Diablo I-III)

“Scavengers are ugly, pathetic creatures who survive off of carrion and corpses too diseased to attract any other carnivores. I did once meet a raggedy fellow who claimed that he had trained one of the beasts to bring him large rats to eat, but I’m sure the story is utter nonsense.”
— Abd al-Hazir

Scavengers are ugly creatures who survive off of carrion and corpses too diseased to attract any other carnivores. Unlike most carnivores of this type however, they are extremely aggressive and will not hesitate to attack those unfortunate enough to encounter them.

Scavengers have powerful legs which they use for swift springing attacks, striking at vulnerable faces and throats. Their anatomy bears a striking resemblance to that of the leapers of the Aranoch desert, and thus, many researchers classify the two groups as part of the same family of creatures.

Scavengers are more dangerous than they seem. They move with blinding speed and often swarm their prey with their numbers. They make difficult targets due to their speed, their constant moving, and their ability to burrow.

ST: 7    HP: 10   Speed:6.25
DX: 12 Will: 6    Move:6
IQ: 6     Per: 8
HT: 11   FP: 11   SM:-2
Dodge: 9 Parry: 9 DR: 1
Attack (Skill or Resistance): Claws: 1d-4 cut; Bite 1d-4 cut
Traits: Acute Hearing 3; Acute Vision 3; Animal (Bestial, Cannot Speak, Hidebound, No Fine Manipulators); Appearance (Hideous); Claws (sharp); Damage Resistance 1; Fur; Night Vision 3; Super Jump 1; Teeth (sharp); Tunneling (Tunneling Move +4)
Skills: Brawling-12; Jumping-15; Running-12; Stealth-12; Swimming-11
Class: Dire
Notes:Unwilling to negotiate. Truly evil

A standing Super Jump is 1yd, 1ft. High Jump: 1yd, 2ft, 3in, In-Air Speed: 5.85 yd/s

Khazra (Diablo)

The Khazra were originally human, part of the Umbaru race found in the thick Torajan Jungles in the Teganze region of Sanctuary’s eastern continent. During the Mage Clan Wars a race of sorcerers known as the Vizjerei required an army using demon-possessed victims, and the peaceful Umbaru clans seemed to fit the Vizjerei’s needs. To fight off the Vizjerei the Umbaru captured a wizard to help them not only gain control over their transformed clan mates, but to have themselves transformed as well in order to fully drive the Vizjerei out of the Teganze. Their strategy worked, but it was not without its price. They found themselves bound in servitude to the demon Zagraal in exchange for their cursed power. They became furious marauders, driven to raid villages and caravans to sate their bloodlust and procure sacrificial victims for their demonic master. This is also when they became known as khazra, which roughly translates as “demon” or “devil” in the Umbaru tongue.

After years of this terror, their previous brothers, the Umbaru of the lower Teganze, sent their Witch Doctors to eradicate the khazra’s threat to the region. Filled with otherworldly power, the Witch Doctors cut a swath of destruction through the khazra until they confronted Zagraal himself. In a now-legendary battle, the valiant heroes fought to the last man before finally bringing Zagraal down.

The khazra continued to wage war on humanity, but without a source of demonic power to draw from, their strength diminished. 

Khazra choose from the following templates

  • Barbarian, DF1 p. 4-5
  • Knight, DF1 p. 8-9
  • Scout, DF1 p. 10-11
  • Shaman, DF9 p. 16-17
  • Unholy Warrior, DF3 p. 27

Known Khazra Clans

Blood Clan
Death Clan
Fire Clan
Flesh Clan
Hell Clan
Ice Clan
Moon Clan
Night Clan
Stone Clan

Template: Khazra (Magical Creature) -70 points

Attribute Modifiers: ST+2; DX+1; IQ-2; HT+1

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Will-1

Advantages: Acute Hearing 1; Claws (Hooves); Damage Resistance 1; Perfect Balance; Striker (Crushing, Horns); Teeth (blunt)

Disadvantages: Appearance (Hideous); Bad Smell; Bad Temper (12 or less); Bestial; Bloodlust (12 or less); Disturbing Voice; Fanaticism (demon Zagraal); Intolerance (one group, Humans); Social Stigma (Monster); Stubbornness

 Perks: Fur

Features: Affected by Pentagram; Leg, foot, and head armor isn’t interchangeable with human armor. Tail (neither a manipulator nor enough of a problem to interfere with

Source: Diablo I – III

Example of a Khazra Barbarian 177 points

ST 17 HP 22 Basic Speed 6
DX 13 Will 10 Basic Move 7
IQ 10 Per 12
HT 13 FP 13 SM +1

Dodge 9 +0 Parry 9 +0 DR: 0+1
Block 7+0

MELEE Attacks
Brawling Punch (13): 1d+1 cr at reach C, 1.
Brawling• Bite (13): 1d+1 cratreach C, 1
Brawling• Kick (li): 1d+3 cr at reach C, 1.
Poleaxe • Axe (17): 3d+3 cut at reach 2. 3*•
Poleaxe • Hammer (17): 3d+3 cr at reach 2. 3*•
Striker (Crushing) (13): 1d+3 a at reach C.

Barbarian (Dungeon Fantasy).

Animal Handling quines—10; Brawling—i 3; Camouflage—14; Climbing—i 3; Disguise/TL3 (Animals)—8; Fishing—16; Forced Entry—13; Hiking—12; Intimidation—12; Lifting—12; Mimicry (Animal Sounds)—12; Naturalist Earth)—12; Navigation/TL3 (Land—l 7; Observation—1 1; Polearm—1 7; Running—12; Spear Thrower—i 4; Stealth—i 3; Survival Plains)—i 5; Swimming—i 3; Tracking—i 5; Weather Sense—i 0; Wrestling—i 3.

Burning Dead (Diablo II)

The Burning Dead are skeletons whos bones are burning constantly.  Anyone touching the aura or within close combat will take damage.  This includes weapons striking the Burning Dead. If that wasn’t bad enough once the Burning Dead reach 0 HP they will explode causing burning damage and hot bone fragments.  One vulnerability is they can not be equipped with any armor as it interferes with their exploding ability when they die. Another vulnerability is water which causes considerable damage. Weapons they use must not contain combustible items and as such most weapons are steel or iron with nothing special on the grips and are usually heavily damaged from the constant heat. Soft metals should not be used either.

They have a considerable resistance to heat and fire which allows them to be placed in groups without damaging each other.

Template: Burning Dead (Skeleton) -123 points

Attribute Modifiers: ST-1; DX+2; IQ-2

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Speed+1

Advantages: Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep; DR 2; DR: 10 (Limited Heat/Fire); Flaming Bite (Burning Attack); High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity (All mind control); Innate Attack: Flaming Aura [13]; Innate Attack: Explodes on Death [9]; Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood, No Brain, No Eyes,
No Vitals, Unliving); Single-Minded; Temperature Tolerance 10; Unaging; Unfazeable; Vacuum Support

Disadvantages: Appearance (Monstrous; Universal, +25%); Automaton; Cannot Learn; Dependency (Mana; common, constantly); Fragile (Brittle); Fragile (Unnatural);
Mute; No Sense of Smell/Taste; Reprogrammable; Skinny; Social Stigma (Dead); Unhealing (Total); Vulnerability (Crushing Attacks; x2); Weakness: Water (1d per minute) Occasional; Wealth (Dead Broke)

Quirks: Cannot Float; Sexless

Features: Affected by Control Zombie, Pentagram, and Turn Zombie; No mental skills; Skull has only 2 total DR

Flaming Aura: Innate Attack: 1D burn (Cyclic: 1 sec +100%, Aura +80%, Melee Attack: Reach C -30%) [13]

Explodes on Death: Innate Attack: 2D-3 burn (Incendiary +10%, Explosion: 1 +50%, Fragmentation (Hot Fragments) +15%; Trigger: Common (on death) -20%) [9].  Those caught within 2 yards will take 2d-3 Burn damage in the same hex, 2d-3/3 for 1 hex away, and 2d-3/6 points of damage 2 yards away. Fragmentation Hot Fragments: Cyclic (Six 10-second cycles) is 5 yards and taking 1d(0.2) burn damage if hit.

Source: Magic [152], Diablo I & II

Plague Bearer (Diablo II)

The Plague Bearer looks no different from other Zombies with the exception of what appear to be fresh puss filled boils on their body.  When they touch exposed flesh they transfer a deadly disease to their victims.  This Plague is magical in nature and can only be caught by direct contact from the original host (the Plague Bearer) material.  So an individual who has caught the plague can not spread it to another person.  However touching any of the original material will infect a person.  Whether it is from direct contact from the Plague Bearer or from accidentally touching the remains of the Plague Bearer such as its corpse (you must burn the corpse to make it free from containment), or even by cleaning off your equipment after battling one.  One Plague Bearer shuffling through a town could infect anywhere from 5-50 victims. Thankfully they are easy to spot/smell.

Template: Plague Bearer (Zombie) -64 Points

Attribute Modifiers: ST +1 [10]; IQ -3 [-60];

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: HP +5 [10]

Advantages: Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep;  High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity (All Mind Control); Innate Attack [6]; Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood); Single-Minded;  Temperature Tolerance 10; Unaging; Unfazeable

Disadvantages: Appearance (Monstrous; Universal); Bad Smell (Reek of the Grave); Cannot Learn; Disturbing Voice;  Fragile (Unnatural); No Sense of Smell/Taste; Reprogrammable; Social Stigma (Dead);  Unhealing (Total);  Wealth (Dead Broke)

Skills: Brawling 10 (DX+0, 1), [B182]

Plague Touch: Innate Attack: 1D tox (Cyclic: 1 sec +100%, Contact Agent (no AoE) -30%, Resistible: HT-2 -20%) [6]

Source: GURPS Magic [152], Diablo II

Falddinor Pinebrook

Back in September of this year Steve Jackson Games ran a contest for a Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory, the winner was randomly chosen. Sadly I didn’t win but it did give me a great idea for a character.

While hunting and foraging in the forested foothills of The Neverending Rise, Falddinor came upon an old human man practicing Martial Arts. Falddinor watched the old man and learned the forms in secret until he was found out by the old master.  Falddinor was eventually accepted as a disciple and spent fifteen years learning the art of the Five Element Sword, the Eight Diagram Sword Technique and the Bāguà zhǎng style. He fights predominantly with dual weapons. He now wanders the world of “Jianghu” in search of spiritual knowledge, physical challenge, and to uphold righteousness.

Falddinor has long dark green hair which he braids a dart at the end of, and bright green eyes. He is lean and muscular with a hawkish nose. He carries a pair of antler hook swords as his preferred weapon, uses Deerhorn Knives in close quarters, a long knife strapped sideways across the small of his back and “Scholars Pens” hidden in his sleeves. Although skilled with a bow he does not use them. He prefers loose clothing that allows him to move freely but not so baggy that it will hinder his movement.

He is curious to the point of being annoying, loves to talk about anything and everything and appreciates a good joke even if the joke is on him. He is respectful to those he admires and will mercilessly tease those he does not. When asked what people think of Falddinor “Laughing Wind” the most common response is you either love him or hate him.

The following is Falddinor Pinebrook at a medium level of technique.  This 250 point version does not take into account him learning the higher techniques.

Falddinor Pinebrook Wood Elf (250 points)


ST 10 HP 10  Basic Speed 7.25
DX 17 Will 11 Basic Move 9
IQ 10   Per 10
HT 12  FP 12 SM 0
Dodge 10 +0 Parry 11 +0 DR: 0
                       Block 9 +0

MELEE Attacks
Bite (17): 1d-3 cr at reach C.
Deer Antlers • Knife (19): 1d-1 cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Deer Antlers • Main-gauche (15): 1d-1 cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Hook Sword • Hilt punch (17): 1d-2 cut at reach C ([4, 5]).
Hook Sword • Swing (17): 1d+1 cr at reach 1 ([5]).
Hook Sword • Thrust (17): 1d-1 cr at reach 1.
Hook Sword • Hook (17): 1d-4 cut at reach 1 ([3, 7]).
Karate • Punch (17): 1d-2 cr at reach C.
Karate • Kick (15): 1d-1 cr at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Knife Swing (19): 1d-1 cut at reach C, 1.
Long Knife • Knife Thrust (19): 1d-2 imp at reach C, 1.
Long Knife • Shortsword Swing (15): 1d-1 cut at reach 1.
Long Knife • Shortsword Thrust (15): 1d-2 imp at reach C, 1.

RANGED Attacks
Throwing Dart (14): 1d-2 imp, ACC of 1, range of 25 / 35, ROF of 1.

Martial Artist (Dungeon Fantasy); Wood Elf (Dungeon Fantasy).

Acrobatics–16; Blind Fighting–10; Body Control–12; Breath Control–13; Broadsword–17; Esoteric Medicine (Chi)–11; Fast-Draw (Sword)–17; Hiking–11; Judo–17; Jumping–17; Karate–17; Knife–19; Light Walk–18; Meditation–10; Pressure Points (Human)–11; Push–18; Running–11; Stealth–18; Tactics–10; Throwing–16.

I imagine Falddinor wearing something similar to this

This next version is 300 points and represents him at a more advanced level

Falddinor Pinebrook Wood Elf (300 points)

ST 10 HP 10 Basic Speed 7.25
DX 17 Will 11 Basic Move 9
IQ 10 Per 10
HT 12 FP 13 SM 0

Dodge 11 +0 Parry 12 +0 DR: 0
                      Block 9 +0

MELEE Attacks
Bite (17): 1d-2 cr at reach C.
Deer Antlers • Knife (17): 1d cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Deer Antlers • Main-gauche (13): 1d cut at reach C ([5, 7]).
Exotic Hand Strike (Karate) (17): 1d cr at reach C.
Hammer Fist (Karate) (17): 1d-2 cr at reach C.
Hook Sword • Hilt punch (17): 1d-1 cut at reach C ([4, 5]).
Hook Sword • Swing (18): 1d+2 cr at reach 1 ([5]).
Hook Sword • Thrust (18): 1d cr at reach 1.
Hook Sword • Hook (18): 1d-3 cut at reach 1 ([3, 7]).
Karate • Punch (17): 1d-1 cr at reach C.
Karate • Kick (15): 1d cr at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Knife swing (17): 1d cut at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Knife thrust (17): 1d-1 imp at reach C,1.
Long Knife • Shortsword swing (18): 1d cut at reach 1.
Long Knife • Shortsword thrust (18): 1d-1 imp at reach C,1.

RANGED Attacks
Throwing Dart (17): 1d-1 imp, ACC of 1, range of 28 / 39, ROF of 1.

Martial Artist (Dungeon Fantasy); Pa Kua Chuan (Martial Arts); Wood Elf (Dungeon Fantasy).

Acrobatics–17; Animal Handling (Equines)–11; Arm Lock (Judo)–17; Blind Fighting–11; Body Control–12; Breath Control–13; Broadsword–18; Climbing–17; Disarming (Broadsword)–18; Dual-Weapon Attack (Broadsword)–18; Dual-Weapon Defense (Broadsword)–12; Dual-Weapon Defense (Knife)–10; Esoteric Medicine (Chi)–11; Evade (Judo)–17; Exotic Hand Strike (Karate)–17; Fast-Draw (Sword)–17; Hammer Fist (Karate)–17; Hook (Broadsword)–15; Judo–17; Jumping–17; Karate–17; Knife–17; Light Walk–18; Meditation–11; Navigation/TL3 (Land)–11; Parry Missile Weapons–18; Philosophy (Taoism)–8; Pressure Points (Human)–10; Pressure Secrets (Human)–9; Push–18; Reverse Grip (Broadsword)–12; Running–12; Shortsword–18; Stealth–18; Sweeping Kick (Judo)–14; Tactics–10; Thrown Weapon (Dart)–17; Whirlwind Attack (Broadsword)–15.

Diablo II Drowned Carcass

I like to get inspiration from video games which I think is only natural as they got their ideas from Tabletop RPG’s.  However many games will have several, if not up to a dozen, different subclasses of the same creature.  Let’s take the Diablo franchise.  Between I & III there are over 12 types of zombies.  So I thought it would be fun to make some of them as a little surprise to my players. I have yet to get GURPS Zombies so please take that into consideration.  I may have made a few mistakes in this.  Such as I don’t know if the Drowned Carcass needs a special Advantage to be able to transform into a Crawling Torso and I disagree with the Disadvantage Lame (Legless) to have a Basic Move of 0 as it does not take into account the ability to crawl or drag yourself by your arms.  However I can imagine this to be a fun turn of events as I remember to my surprise the first time a Walking Corpse turned into a Crawling Torso in Diablo III

Please feel free to add some suggestions on how to fix any issues I may have overlooked.

Template: Drowned Carcass (Zombie) -168 points

Drowned Carcasses are found in/near bodies of water like lakes, ponds, swamps, rivers, etc.  Their bodies are bloated from time spent within the depths of the water.  They move slower and are less intelligent than bog standard Zombies (pun intended) but have a higher strength to compensate.  The touch of a Drowned Carcass carries with it the cold of the deep water which will cause fatigue damage to exposed skin.

Attribute Modifiers: ST+2 {20}; IQ-3 {-60}; HT+1 {10}.

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Move -1 {-5}; HP +4 {8}

Advantages: Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep; High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity (All Mind Control); Innate Attack: Cold {6}; Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving);  Temperature Tolerance 10; Unaging;  Unfazeable;

Disadvantages: Appearance (Monstrous; Universal); Automaton; Bad Smell; Cannot Learn; Dependency (Mana; common, constantly); Disturbing Voice;  Fragile (Unnatural); No Sense of Smell/Taste; Reprogrammable; Single-Minded; Social Stigma (Dead); Unhealing (Total); Wealth (Dead Broke)

Quirks: Sexless {-1}

Skills: Brawling 10 (DX+0, 1), [B182]; Wrestling 9 (DX-1, 1) [B228]

Chilling Touch: Innate Attack: 1D+1 fat (Melee Attack: Reach C -30%, Contact Agent (no AoE) -30%) [6]

The Drowned Carcass has one in three chance of transforming into a Crawling Torso upon it’s ‘death’.  It is at this time a new monster with the sacrifice of its lower Torso to heal it and transform it into a new creature.  It loses it’s Innate Attack.

Template: Crawling Torso (Zombie) -178 points

A Crawling Torso is the remains of the lower half of a Zombie.  These pathetic, yet disturbing creatures will lay in wait for its victims grabbing at their legs and feet and to trip them up so they might crawl on top to consume their prey.

Attribute Modifiers: ST+1 {10}; IQ-2 {-60}; HT+1 {10}.

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Move +4 {20}; HP +4 {8}

Advantages: Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep; High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity (All Mind Control); Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving);  Temperature Tolerance 10; Unaging;  Unfazeable;

Disadvantages: Appearance (Monstrous; Universal); Automaton; Bad Smell; Cannot Learn; Dependency (Mana; common, constantly); Disturbing Voice;  Fragile (Unnatural); Lame (Legless); No Sense of Smell/Taste; Reprogrammable; Single-Minded; Social Stigma (Dead); Unhealing (Total); Wealth (Dead Broke)

Quirks: Sexless {-1}

Skills: Brawling 10 (DX+0, 1), [B182]; Wrestling 9 (DX-1, 1) [B228]

Note: Lame (Legless) disadvantage gives a Basic Move of 0, hence the need for an increased Basic Move +4 to indicate rapid crawling.  The Crawling Torso can not move and attack with its arms, but can move and attack with Bite.

Octopus Carnival

I just discovered Octopus Carnival on Google+.  This blog, written by Ubiratan Pires Alberton, a.k.a. Bira, who is a native of Brazil and has been gaming since he was 10.  I’m currently enjoying his conversion of Pathfinder NPC’s into Dungeon Fantasy with full stats and links to their original Bio’s!  Just today Jirelle the Swashbuckler was added, who also has her own Reaper Miniature!

Other items in the blog is the conversion of Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma game into GURPS DF, which appear to fit very well. I personally like the Magic Archer. You really should take a look and bookmark  Octopus Carnival as it has a wealth of information and inspiration!


HEXOMORFO SYSTEM is created by Eneko Menica and Eneko Palencia and the design is similar to what I have been working on for the new Tabletop Hex Terrain.  I’m really pleased as this shows me I was on the right track! They have made it available for 15mm and 25/28mm miniatures.  I like to see that Hex Dungeons are catching on!  They have even mentioned that they may be making more designs!

Tabletop Hex Terrain

I just backed a kickstarter for MDF Jigs to make hex terrain with!  Each hex is 100mm Vertical Hex (point to point)



A mock of what a dungeon might look like using this system. Remember each of those hexes are 100mm vertical.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to back it at first.  For GURPS I use 1″ (25.4mm) horizontal hexes and for this system it is 100mm vertically which allows for 25mm vertical hexes.  However I’ve decided that I’m not going to let it bother me as it looks so nice!  Here are the differences between the two.


GURPS standard on the right side, Hex Terrain Tool Kit on the left side. 14.7485% decrease in size

It will mean that some miniature bases will overlap the hex.  However it looks so nice!

1a81f16d496b9eca058260af80ab9b6b_original 65fc5c7cf5b6748696599017bb38aec4_original

17c7d80daa194a078d175da29d4ec74c_original 17aee6e5218b3a4e79d4efd72b68fa2b_original 1e0fd2ae5d47d1a4618a3051472b72b4_original

Look how amazing that looks!  With the risers it would be really easy to place a dungeon underneath the ground and terrain on top!  They are expected to arrive in March which will give me two months before Dungeon Fantasy Powered by GURPS arrives in May!

Also I will be able to use these for my wargaming as well.


Linmead Burrow

In my attempt to get back into my underground campaign world I’ve created the Burrow of Linmead.  See About my Dungeon World for a description of my Dungeon Fantasy setting.

Linmead Burrow

Total population:37
Mountain Elves :7

Druid: 1
Guards: 6
Inn Staff: 4
Troubadour: 1
Labourers: 15
Merchants: 1

Water Source: Yes
Ventilated: Yes
Light Source: None, Residents use Fire Pits, Candles, and Lanterns
Sanitation: None, chamber pots are collected. Urine goes into barrels which are sold off, feces is turned into fertilizer.
Country Rock: Rhyolite (light gray in colour)
Trade: Mead, Cider, and water are the main exports. Import fuel, basic food stuffs, clothing, etc.
Main Features: Pocket Dimension (315 acres), Laughing Bee Inn (3 levels), Linmead Meadery (4 levels)

Linmead is a very special Burrow as it has it’s own clean water source, it has only one entrance so it is defensible. However more importantly they have their own gardens for growing food and they have their own pocket dimension which they use to produce honey for the Linmead Meadery.  The Linmead pocket dimension is an impressive 315 acres of clover and wild flowers and 250 Apple Trees which they also make Cider from.  There is one round house within the pocket dimension which is used by the caretaker of the grounds.  The L.P.D. (Linmead Pocket Dimension) has four seasons that are just perfect for growing apples.  The bees produce a good quantity of honey and have no predators.

The Laughing Bee Inn is rarely less than half full as they do steady trade in Cider, Mead, and water. Most of the buildings resemble Iron Age round houses on the inside.  Some will have ladders to upper or lower levels, every house has a fire pit in the center.  Linmead also has a mushroom farm.  The water comes from one pool in the Burrows communal area.  It is a very large domed room lit with lanterns with the pool in the center and bioluminescence vegetable and fruit plants in large clay pots around the edges.


I hope to digitise the map soon and to get to the other two levels of the Laughing Bee Inn created

Adventure ideas

The Orchard has been invaded by a Awd Goggie (a type of Bogie who haunts forests and orchards, and kidnaps children). The adventurers have been contracted to remove the Fae without damaging the Orchard or the Hives.

A group of Bandits have set up a blockade against Linmead Burrow and a conglomerate of Inn Keepers and Merchants have offered a bounty for the capture of the ring leader(s), the rest are wanted dead or alive.

All is not as it seems in friendly Linmead. You have been hired to track down a missing couple of newlyweds who have disappeared.  Your investigations lead you to Linmead where the couple will be sacrificed to a Harvest Spirit. Can you save them in time?

The characters have been sent to Linmead to retrieve an ancient artifact, however the local Druid uses the artifact to perform Harvest rituals. Without the artifact they will be required to perform sacrifice during the ritual.