Tabletop Hex Terrain

I just backed a kickstarter for MDF Jigs to make hex terrain with!  Each hex is 100mm Vertical Hex (point to point)



A mock of what a dungeon might look like using this system. Remember each of those hexes are 100mm vertical.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to back it at first.  For GURPS I use 1″ (25.4mm) horizontal hexes and for this system it is 100mm vertically which allows for 25mm vertical hexes.  However I’ve decided that I’m not going to let it bother me as it looks so nice!  Here are the differences between the two.


GURPS standard on the right side, Hex Terrain Tool Kit on the left side

It will mean that some miniature bases will overlap the hex.  However it looks so nice!

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17c7d80daa194a078d175da29d4ec74c_original 17aee6e5218b3a4e79d4efd72b68fa2b_original 1e0fd2ae5d47d1a4618a3051472b72b4_original

Look how amazing that looks!  With the risers it would be really easy to place a dungeon underneath the ground and terrain on top!  They are expected to arrive in March which will give me two months before Dungeon Fantasy Powered by GURPS arrives in May!

Also I will be able to use these for my wargaming as well.


Linmead Burrow

In my attempt to get back into my underground campaign world I’ve created the Burrow of Linmead.  See About my Dungeon World for a description of my Dungeon Fantasy setting.

Linmead Burrow

Total population:37
Mountain Elves :7

Druid: 1
Guards: 6
Inn Staff: 4
Troubadour: 1
Labourers: 15
Merchants: 1

Water Source: Yes
Ventilated: Yes
Light Source: None, Residents use Fire Pits, Candles, and Lanterns
Sanitation: None, chamber pots are collected. Urine goes into barrels which are sold off, feces is turned into fertilizer.
Country Rock: Rhyolite (light gray in colour)
Trade: Mead, Cider, and water are the main exports. Import fuel, basic food stuffs, clothing, etc.
Main Features: Pocket Dimension (315 acres), Laughing Bee Inn (3 levels), Linmead Meadery (4 levels)

Linmead is a very special Burrow as it has it’s own clean water source, it has only one entrance so it is defensible. However more importantly they have their own gardens for growing food and they have their own pocket dimension which they use to produce honey for the Linmead Meadery.  The Linmead pocket dimension is an impressive 315 acres of clover and wild flowers and 250 Apple Trees which they also make Cider from.  There is one round house within the pocket dimension which is used by the caretaker of the grounds.  The L.P.D. (Linmead Pocket Dimension) has four seasons that are just perfect for growing apples.  The bees produce a good quantity of honey and have no predators.

The Laughing Bee Inn is rarely less than half full as they do steady trade in Cider, Mead, and water. Most of the buildings resemble Iron Age round houses on the inside.  Some will have ladders to upper or lower levels, every house has a fire pit in the center.  Linmead also has a mushroom farm.  The water comes from one pool in the Burrows communal area.  It is a very large domed room lit with lanterns with the pool in the center and bioluminescence vegetable and fruit plants in large clay pots around the edges.


I hope to digitise the map soon and to get to the other two levels of the Laughing Bee Inn created

Adventure ideas

The Orchard has been invaded by a Awd Goggie (a type of Bogie who haunts forests and orchards, and kidnaps children). The adventurers have been contracted to remove the Fae without damaging the Orchard or the Hives.

A group of Bandits have set up a blockade against Linmead Burrow and a conglomerate of Inn Keepers and Merchants have offered a bounty for the capture of the ring leader(s), the rest are wanted dead or alive.

All is not as it seems in friendly Linmead. You have been hired to track down a missing couple of newlyweds who have disappeared.  Your investigations lead you to Linmead where the couple will be sacrificed to a Harvest Spirit. Can you save them in time?

The characters have been sent to Linmead to retrieve an ancient artifact, however the local Druid uses the artifact to perform Harvest rituals. Without the artifact they will be required to perform sacrifice during the ritual.

Campaign Booklet update

Here is the GURPS Campaign Booklet printed on A4 paper but printed off as a booklet.  It should work with US Letter Size paper as well.  Although the one in the video is not Dungeon Fantasy, it’s for my GURPS Fallout game which just shows its versatility.  I have a long arm stapler to staple the pages together.

You can try out version 2.1 yourself HERE

I’m still working some of the bugs out and might change some things around yet so updated versions are on the way.

GURPS Campaign Booklet!

So I’m kind of handy and creative at sporadic moments. I’m making a 32 page Dungeon Fantasy Campaign Book, A5, to help me whip up my games. I’m a BIG fan of layered pdf’s and fillable forms in pdf so you will be able to do all of that with it. I will also offer it for free to everyone as I have a thing about making money off hobby stuff (stops being a hobby).

Here is what will be on the pages so far

Page 1: Cover, you can insert your own images, Title, Campaign Segment Number.
Page 2: Campaign Overview
Page 3: Campaign Overview cont. Campaign Checklist to help stay on track
Page 4: Text Box
Page 5: Layered Graph section
Page 6: Top half Layered Graph, bottom half Double Column Text box
Page 7: Encounter Sheet. A place to list the encounters and maybe some tick boxes to use for HP/FP tracking.
Repeat Pgs. 4-7 until page 15 (total of 3 sets)
Pages 16 & 17 Middle full page map/image spread
Pages 18-21 Same as 4-7
Pages 22-25 PC overview
Page 26-27 NPC/Monster overview
Page 28 Random Encounter tables
Page 29 Random loot table
Pages 30 & 31 Game notes
Page 32 Back cover, maybe some game aides.


The colour can be switched off to just black and white.

The NPC/Monster and PC overview is just going to be Attributes, a few lines for skill/power so only the most used or important.  Armor and a few weapons.  Very basic but enough to allow the GM to keep tabs on things without having to scroll through a full sheet.

The Graph Paper pages gives you six layers to choose from


left to right Lined Paper, Geomorph Tile, Geomorph Map, Square Graph, Isometric Graph, Blank for inserting image.

The half page option is much the same as above but only offers the top half for the graph and bottom half for writing.  I’ll keep posting as I make progress.

Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game is successful!


I’m extremely happy to have backed this project! We hit a bunch of the stretch goals and it is my hope that we will see some future backing for this new Dungeon Fantasy Powered by GURPS® in the future.  By that I mean more monster books and adventures, source books, etc. I’m sorry that I couldn’t have backed it with the “I Want It All” $250 option but I did back it with the game and GM Screen.

I’m curious to see the winners for the background contests which I hope they will announce next week.  There are some really good ideas that were submitted and I plan to use a few of them for NPC’s and treasures for sure!


Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Kickstarter contests

So getting into the spirit of things Steve Jackson Games is running two contests (so far) the first has ended and the second just started.  Both are limited to 300 words.  The first was  Dungeon Fantasy Character Backstory Contest.  I figured I’d submit something that was more Wuxia (martial hero) based.

Falddinor Pinebrook
Wood Elf
Martial Artist

While hunting and foraging in the forested foothills of The Neverending Rise, Falddinor came upon an old human man practicing Martial Arts. Falddinor watched and learned in secret until he was found out and eventually accepted as a disciple. Falddinor spent fifteen years learning the art of the Five Element Sword and the Bāguà zhǎng style. He fights predominantly with dual weapons. He now wanders the world of “Jianghu” in search of spiritual knowledge, physical challenge, and to uphold righteousness.

Falddinor has long dark green hair which he braids a dart at the end of, and bright green eyes. He is lean and muscular with a hawkish nose. He carries a pair of antler hook swords as his preferred weapon, uses Deerhorn Knives in close quarters, a long knife strapped sideways across the small of his back and “Scholars Pens” hidden in his sleeves. Although skilled with a bow he does not use them. He prefers loose clothing that allows him to move freely but not so baggy that it will hinder his movement.

He is curious to the point of being annoying, loves to talk about anything and everything and appreciates a good joke even if the joke is on him. He is respectful to those he admires and will mercilessly tease those he does not. When asked what people think of Falddinor “Laughing Wind” the most common response is you either love him or hate him.

The latest is the backstory for a Dungeon Fantasy RPG magic item.  I continued with a wuxia theme.

Sun and Moon Blades

The Sun and Moon Blades are a pair of unique Hook Swords. The Moon Blade has the typical crescent guard and is pitch black except for its pearl handle, where as the Sun Blade has a crescent guard similar to a Nine Teeth Double Hook Sword and is pure white except for its black pearl handle. Both swords have a sharp blade extending straight from the back of the hook much like the Nine Teeth Double Hook Sword. Other than the handle every edge on the Sun Blade is eternally sharpened, while the Moon Blade is blunt. The blades are much sought after by students of Pa Kua Chuan, Tai chi, and forms of martial arts where the Yin and the Yang, I Ching, and other Taoist beliefs have influenced their style.

Forged with celestial iron by the great Immortal Monk Sword Saint the blades represent mercy in its grappling, snaring, and disarming abilities and the ultimate punishment for those unwilling to give up their wicked ways.

When used as a pair the blades are said to help center the wielder allowing them to increase their inner Chi thus increasing their martial and healing abilities. Owning the blades is not enough. To master them requires intense training, diet, and meditation. Sun Blade must always be yielded in the right hand while the Moon Blade in the left. Once mastered, the blades offer addition defensive and offensive capabilities. Legends tell of its mastery over light and dark, fire and cold. Legend also tells that the Blades have been known to turn on their wielder when they themselves stray from the path of righteousness.

Winner gets a free copy of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG Box Set currently funded and achieving some of the stretch goals on Kickstarter.

Once the winners have been announced I’ll add stats for both of my entries.  I’d love to play Falddinor wielding the Sun and Moon Blades!  I’ve added pictures to give you some ideas.


Regular Hook Swords

047-double-lian-hook-swords1 376867140_549 a43-xl1111

"Fire Wind" -

“Fire Wind” –


Tiger Hook Swords


Deer Horn Knives


Nine Teeth Double Hook Sword

font-b-chinese-b-font-hook-swords-twin-hooks-short-font-b-weapons-b-font mandarin-duck-knife-web twin-hooks-sword-shuang-gou-modern-hook-play-upper-range-1 various-weapons-lst-kotaku-20873144-240-160


Scholar's Pen

Scholar’s Pen


Scholar’s Pen


Session 5: Found! and a startling discovery.

Kenskue and Leroy are playing around with the Bronze discs on the statue when Sethroy (who just followed the carnage) sneaks up on them.  Kenskue and Leroy quickly fill Sethroy on what has happened and they go down to see the giant snake hoping to use it against the lizardmen some how.  The snake is still sleeping and a quick recon is done of its layer.  The party debate endlessly on how to rouse the snake and get it to go into the grand hall with the other Lizard men (who have been silent for about 20 minutes now) and finally decide to chuck rocks at it (yeah that’s what I thought too).  After two rocks, and one for good measure, the snake starts to come out of its sleep and slithers towards the entrance to its lair.  Leroy draws everyone in with One with Shadows.  At about this time 4 lizard men come up the tunnel, two spear men with large shields and two spear men with long spears following behind them.  When they come upon the Snake they shake their spears and bang them on shields sending it back into it’s cave.  Being even more cautious they pass our heroes then stop almost right besides them it is also at this point that the party hears rhythmic chanting coming from the grand hall.  The two shield bearers take up a defensive position and the other two start to move back to a pair of double doors.  The party definitely do not want those doors open so they spring to attack. The Lizard men are taken by surprise with all of them failing reaction rolls. Sethroy steps and attacks the nearest Shield bearer and stabs him twice with his poisoned blades (Monster Drool).  The fit Lizard Man goes down but is not dead having suffered over 18 points of damage (including one failed HT vs. Poison).  Kensuke lays on combination of kicks and punches on one of the spear men (who is currently facing away from him) and knocks his scaly hide to the ground.  Leroy in an amazing acrobatic jump leaps to the far side of the fray getting off two attacks only one on a Spear man and the other on the shield bearer inflicting grievous wounds but killing neither.   Suffice to say having the initiative the next round the best the lizard men accomplish is blocking Sethroy’s attacks before falling before the might of these master killers.  The party regroup by the double doors and become one with shadows.

Having taken out four more the party fail their overconfidence roll and are very sure that they can take out the remaining 20-25 fully armed lizard men.  Besides Bob MUST be saved, oh and Aloysius says Leroy.  Kensuke all out concentrates on the door for 30 seconds as the chanting and some shuffling continues behind the door.  He then unleashes a mighty power blow at the doors.  The force of the blow slams the doors open and they rush in to attack.  The apprentice shaman fails his reaction roll and stops chanting for a second at the sound of the doors and three demons rushing out, the more experienced shaman continues his chanting.  Kensuke spots a large banquet table to the right and jumps over to it while Leroy super jumps.  Yet again the tow leaping monkeys leave Sethroy alone, facing bowmen. Seeing no alternative and being quite confident in his abilities Sethroy charges forward and causes a lot of damage with one hit… against a shield.

Another surprise attack over and its their turn.  Leroy light steps off of one of the bowmen completing his jump landing right next to the two chanting Lizards.  (seriously, he critically rolled his Acrobatics, and was two points off of a crit with Light Walk.  I need new dice).  Sethroy is not so sure of himself as the shield wall looks quite formidable.  He takes a step back and does an all out defensive stance.  Kensuke starts to concentrate next to the table.  Now the lizardmen get a grip on themselves.  the two Warchiefs in the back turn towards Leroy and advance with their great axes but wait just out of range either to assess the situation or not disturb the chanting we don’t know.  The shield wall has no such problems moving into a pincer formation around Sethroy.  Due to the amount of movement need for the maneuver only half the archers shoot  their composite bows with barbed heads.  Sethroy tries to block using his large cave bear cloak (giving him a an additional DR 2)  The three arrows penetrate both the cloak and his leather armor inflicting horrendous impaling damage knocking him unconscious and dieing. Kensuke unleashes his power blow on the table (and failing miserably) but still manages to push it enough that in knocks into the edge of the shield wall knocking down a shield bearer and an archer and causing the others to move out of the way.  Leroy does an all out attack and striking each of the Shamans twice, one parried once and took the second hit, the same for the other.  However the final blow on each of them was enough to take their lives (or at least knock them out due to the shock).  The War chiefs strike at Leroy but he does an Acrobatic dodge with lightstep landing right on a War chiefs head (strait out of a Wuxia film!).  The other Lizardmen try to reform their shield wall while Kensuke does a baseball player slide and kick on the archer under the table and using the rest of his attacks to flip the  table up on it’s side.  The archers are unwilling to shoot at Leroy while he is standing on their Chief, but that does not stop one from taking a stab at him with his spear (a roll of 16 fails) the Chief tries moving  to shake off Leroy but he stays on.  Leroy leaps off and over the table while the Kensuke continues his attacks on the two Lizard men getting up from prone only to be knocked right back down again.  Meanwhile as Sethroy sinks into oblivion he gets an image of the Obelisk with it’s pulsating violet light and a painfully sweat voice that tells him it does not have to end.  Accepting life over death the fighting stops for a moment as the pile of cloak starts jerking around with the sounds of cracking and sickly sucking noises and an eerie moan.  Just as a Lizard man is about to stab the pile of cloak Sethroy leaps up with his tentacled hands wrapping them around the lizard man and sucking the life force out of it, healing himself in the process. For the lizard men that is enough.  Without the Shamans they have no means to control the spirits that already reside in their home (water elemental for one) not to mention such indestructible flying demons!  the remaining members of the tribe flee through an eastern passage.  Sethroy makes his blood lust roll and resists giving chase.

It takes an additional 20 minutes to find Aloysius, Bob the Hamster and most of their gear, although one of Aloysius’ mules was slaughtered.  They rush out of the place with the chest which holds the book to their salvation.  Returning to the slave wagon they load up their spoils and head to the Orc Barracks to check on the freed slaves (I’m shocked they remembered them) where they rest until night fall as Sethroy is useless in the day time.  His eyes are completely black now taking in all the light, his skin is now like porcelain, his ears more pointed and he can suck the life force through his tentacled hands.  Only Kensuke and Aloysius realizes that he resembles a Dark One with his new hands.  In fact Kensuke and Leroy notice their own fingers are more double jointed then they ever where before.  What ever happened to Sethroy seems to have sped his transformation up faster than the other two.

Making their way back by night (with one leading the horse) they do not encounter any problems until the third day when an Orc challenges the party as they pass near his campsite.  The Orcs name is Genku and a student of the Northern Crane and Ox style.  Kensuke responds to his challenge and the two square off.  Genku Leap attacks at Kensuke, but Kensuke dodges and returns with three kicks to the chest.  The entire fight takes around 12 seconds but during that time a flurry of blows where given and parried by both parties.  It was only when Genku switched from Karate to Judo that the tide went against him.  Getting even closer Kensuke reverses the grab into an arm lock and does two consecutive strikes on Genku’s throat knocking him out.  Kensuke grabs him by the hair tells him to go back to school and slams his head into the ground.

Aloysius and Leroy tend to Genku’s wounds and get him to come around after 45 minutes of administering to his wounds.  Genku travels back to town with them to get more professional care.  Once back Theodore the acolyte tells them their is a ritual that can speed up or slow the transformation but to cure it they will also need a special chalice which Aloysius and he will research.   The preparations will take four days for the ritual.  During that time they have Aloysius sell off the dragon bits and set up the manufacture of leather dragon hide armor.  Kensuke commissions a Giant Spider Silk outfit and they trade some dragon parts for a stock of health potions (finally) Aloysius also starts designing  wrist crossbows for Sethroy.  After the ritual is over everyone is brought to their previous stage of transformation with Sethroy regaining his fingers but loosing the life force power.  Kensuke and Leroy can now operate again during the day but Sethroy still has a bit of darkvison left.  Curiously Leroy who has had the most exposure to the Obelisk is the least affected by the curse, followed by Kensuke and then Sethroy for whom the ritual almost didn’t work for if it wasn’t for some really good rolls.

The group is now going to try to hire some henchmen for the journey ahead and are quite freaked out that they may be turning into Elder Things!


…meanwhile Sethroy hears things

Making the most of my tablet

So I’m currently using a ASUS Transformer Prime, 18 hour battery when it’s docked with its keyboard.  It is an Android operating system which is okay but I think I would have preferred Windows 8 so I could use more of my RPG programs.  However if you have an Android I recommend using the GURPS Calculator It really is a nice app to have.  Also I recommend OneNote or Evernote as well to help you organize your information.unnamed

Gurps Calculator

OneNoteGoblinEntry OneNoteAgain

Microsoft One Note.

Currently I have over 150 monsters in my OneNote with interlinks within the notebooks.  I also have Magic Items and traps as well.  I’m trying to get everything together for this weekends game including new skill and technique cards, currently in B&W as I’m tired of wasting coloured ink every time I update.  I will make them available as fillable forms for everyone soon.

If anyone has any suggestions on software or time saving steps please leave a comment!