No Posting due to dead computer

So my main computer is dead and I’m using my netbook which I purchased for school two years ago.  The netbook is just not built for graphical work so everything has been put on hold these last few months until I can afford a new desktop computer.

I do have one good piece of news.  CC3 – The Cartographer’s Annual 2012 – January ’12 is a dungeon diorama!  Now it seems to be for a standard D&D square template but I should be able to come up with a new template that will create a hex floor and a modular wall section that can be mounted unto 1mm thick mat board (all mat board is approximately 1mm thick).  This idea is inspired by Ciabs and you can view his pieces at Cardboard Warriors Forum.  However I want to keep in the spirit of using CC3 so once I get a new computer I will work on making templates.

Sick but still at work

I’ve got a horrid ear infection so that is the reason for no update other than this picture

It needs work.  Probably going to have to make the sewer canal six feet instead of nine feet that way you don’t need two additional tiles for a little corner.  I’m not entirely happy with the over all look just yet.

So if you have not guessed yet level one is going to be a sewer.

Hello World!

Welcome to GURPS Mega Dungeon! What I hope achieve with this blog is to bring my love of mega dungeons to GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. I will be exploring hex dungeons and hex geomorphs and sharing my success and failures with everyone. I will be looking into new ways of adding to my GURPS games including props, terrain, miniatures and computer programs. I am not in any way a GURPS Guru so I apologise for any rule miscalculations I may make in the future. I hope to offer most of my maps and adventures for download or links where you can get the same file/product that I used. I may at times deviate from the main theme from time to time.

My writing style is not pretty, my spelling is horrid but hopefully both will improve over the course of the history of this blog.

Now I would like to give a personal thanks to Rob from Dungeon Crawlers for hosting my blog.  If you have the time stop over and check out the forums.  I generally check them daily.