Session 4: Lost and Found

With Aloysius the only one that can read the tome to remove the curse our heroes spend a lot of time trying to figure out where the kidnappers went in the swamp.  As all of them are combat experts or masters none of them has a practical adventuring skill.  No tracking, nothing to find secret doors, just sneak, sneak, bash, bash.  It takes some time but then they think they are on the right path.  Sethroy (the assassin) decides to stay and finish carving up the dragon and wait in case Aloysius just left for a bathroom break (a.k.a. player not available to play)

Using their highly advanced stealth skills the two are able to move through the swamp without making a noise (despite the penalties an evil GM placed on them).  They come upon a cliff face with several caves.  Using their increasing Dark Vision (thanks to the curse) Leroy and Kensuke see a pair of lizard men with spear and shield by one of the cave entrances.  They easily sneak up on the guards and dispatch them using a combination of stealth and super jump and their martial skills.  They move into the cave and find what might be a secret entrance/exit guarded by three lizard men.  Unseen they leave them be.  Continuing on they come into a large sleeping chamber.  There are at least 15-20 sleeping non-combatant lizard folk in the room.  Leroy manages to kill at least 8 before one of them kicks in its death throws waking the others.  The slaughter was gruesome but the ‘heroes’ managed it with only a few scratches.  Leroy pulls in the shadows with “One With Shadows” ability and he and Kensuke hide in a rubble pile waiting to see what happens.

Unsurprisingly the noise brings in five Lizard Men from a south passage.  They see the whole sale slaughter and run back the way they came.  Then one of the three Guards from the secret entrance comes from the north passage and immediately runs back they way it came.  Within a minute more lizard men come from the south.  There are warriors and non-combatants.  The warriors start poking around the room but stay away from a door from the South (which our two sneaks are hiding near) and a reed wall partition to the west.  Not just a few but all the searchers stay away from the two areas, this is not lost on the two martial experts. The non-combatants start nervously clearing the bodies away while the warriors keep guard.  When the last two are leaving Leroy drops his shadowy cloak and attacks the two remaining Lizard folk by surprise, Kensuke joins in.  Their deaths are quick and the two super jump back into the rubble and pull the shadows to cloak their existence. The Lizard group return,either to find out what happened to the last two or to remove more bodies it is unknown but their reaction is obviously one of panic and absolute fear.  They all run off leaving the rest of the bodies.  Not too much longer two lizard warriors from the north arrive.  They are alert and search the area staying away from the reed curtain wall and the door to the south.  At the best opportune time the two strike and kill the two warriors in just two rounds.

Feeling safe they take a look behind the reed curtain and see a large room with a fountain.  On a dais in the middle of the fountain is a statue with some circular holes in it.  Kensuke finds some brass discs in the water about the same size and reaches in to look at one.  As he does the water rushes upwards and forms a water elemental.  The two get blasted by jets of water being pushed back through the reed wall getting a few bumps and bruises.  This is clearly the reason why the Lizard Men erected the reed curtain and why they never went into the area, even to look for the killers of their tribe.  If that is so what must be in the door to the south?  The water Elemental clearly only wants to protect the statue, the pool and the brass discs and does not continue its attack.  So naturally our heroes rush back into the fight! I can not recall the entire battle (as it was 2 weeks ago) however they do end up dispatching the elemental taking a bit of damage and making a lot of noise.  Surprisingly the Lizardmen have not returned to the area.

The two check out the door to the south only to find it blocked by the rubble they had earlier been hiding in.  Kensuke Power punches the door and after three punches he puts his fist right through the door allowing them to look in.  Only because of their dark vision can they see the evil looking altar in the back of the room.  Apparently there was a reason to keep the door blocked!  The two stealthy adventurers agree and leave it alone and decide they can wait no longer and start to sneak down the other southern route to find  Aloysius.

Getting a few more critical rolls on their sneak (I must get new dice) they easily get a sneak attack on two Lizard men scouts who’s death screams echo through the underground complex.  Continuing to take it slow and steady they come to a fork in the route and investigate the area going north only to find a giant constrictor curled up and sleeping.  They wisely leave it for the moment and check the corridor that continued south that opens up into a grand hall with a full rank and file of nervous looking lizard men in a shield wall with spears, slingers and archers behind and what looks like a couple of Shamans, a War Chief and his elite warriors.  They are obviously scared about the demons that have been wakened up in their home.

Thus ends Session 4

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