Session 3: Raid on the Slavers Stronghold

As with all Sunday Sessions this one was shorter.

Kensuke and Leroy continued to sneak through the camp.  With it being one in the morning the camp has only the Goblin watch on the towers.  The swamp is dangerous in the night and the twenty foot palisade does give a sense of security.  Who would expect a master Ninja and Martial Artist to come super jumping on top using stealth and complex moves to take out the inhabitants?

They climb halfway down the palisade on the inside and jump down.  Making several stealth rolls they sneak through the sleeping stronghold.  The first building has a large double door that is locked.  Not wanting to alert the goblin watch they leave it and continue to sneak through camp.  Kensuke and Leroy come upon a rotting building with five sleeping individuals inside.  Kensuke takes watch while Leroy sneaks in and uses his ninja skills to kill the occupants in their sleep.  Suffering a -4 on stealth while silently attacking Leroy places a knee on chest, hand over mouth and slides his short ninja swords under the chin and through the head.  Much to the disdain of the GM Leroy doesn’t even come close to failing a roll.  This continues on to the next room as Leroy kills the Ogre smith and four more Goblins.

The find a large round house and a very well kept, reenforced building.  They decide to check out the the round house and find about 20 sleeping Goblins.  Leroy knows his luck would not hold out in there so they prop the door shut and investigate the other building.  They find they are unable to open the door and there is no lock to pick, feeling that the book they need to return to normal must be in the buiding Kensuke concentrates with a power punch and places a fist sized hole through to door.  Now knowing they made too much noise Leroy rushes in to the building to find it very quite.  Kensuke stays back at the entrance to monitor the Round House.  Without warning a dart flys at Leroy hitting him.  There is an old Goblin with a blowgun.  Before he can reload Leroy attacks but the quick little Goblin dodges or parries all of his attacks.  Sensing Leroy may need help he jumps to attack only to have a few more Goblins charge out of a side door.  Obviously no one told the Goblins not to fight a Martial Arts master in close combat and Kensuke grabs one goblin and using his throwing art skill he uses one Goblin as a weapon against the other.  Leroy on the other hand is finding out that this old Goblin knows a thing or two about combat.  After a few rounds all three Goblins are dispatched.  Kensuke runs out to check the Round House while Leroy runs in to see if the book is in the next room.

The Goblins in the round house are trying to get out so Kensuke grabs a barrel of oil from the smithy and starts the hut on fire.  Meanwhile the Goblin watch start to fire Crossbows at the heroes.  Leroy runs into the main room to find what can only be described as a human sized demon with claws the size of long knives and a mouth full of sharp needle like teeth.  Behind the demon is the Witch and she commands the demon to kill.  Doing what comes naturally to such find upstanding heroes Leroy runs away screaming.  Kensuke is just finishing up the barbeque  when Leroy runs out of the room with the Demon chasing after.  Not one to wait he Super Jumps into the fray and the pair of the spar off with the supernatural entity.  The fight lasts a few rounds before the creature is sent back to its own plane of existence.  The two run back in to confront the witch or get the book and leave.  When they arrive there is no one about.  Using perception they locate a secret door but too late!  The witch has left through a side door!

Long story short they catch up to the witch and dispatch her very easily as she never had the time to start another ritual to summon a demon.  They take the book they need, dispatch the Goblins on the towers, with Sethroy’s help who had just finally arrived, (not without taking some serious damage) and head back to where Aloysius is only to discover he has been kidnapped.

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