NPC/Monster Cards are here

I’ve created a form based PDF for monsters and NPC’s to make on playing cards.  Just fill, print, cut, glue and fold and you will have yourself a collection of Monsters at your disposal in no time at all!

You can find them HERE

I’ve also made them with workable dials for Hit Points and Fatigue Points and I will have a formatted version up soon with instructions (I hope).

3 thoughts on “NPC/Monster Cards are here

  1. Hi, I really like the design of your NPC/Monster Cards – good work! 🙂
    Would you mind sharing the graphics source file, too? (Maybe by e-mail?)
    I’d like to use your template for a translation/customization… 🙂 (of course leaving your credits)

    One thing I don’t understand though, is why did you make a field for DR in the center if there are the more specific DR fields for different hit locations? (AFAIK torso counts as the default if no specifics are needed)
    Personally I would suggest leaving out the upper DR field, to avoid confusion and have some more free space available but it’s of course not a big deal.


    • DR in the separate area is for Natural DR. So if it was a Lizard man wearing leather armor his natural DR would go in the separate area and the leather armor DR down below. I’d have to find the files again. I’ve been out of RPG’s for a while!

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