6 thoughts on “New Cards for GURPS

  1. So glad I found these! I was about to set up my own (much less nice) set to use in my Roll20 game. These will work great for the in game decks and may even take the place of the macro’s I was using to declare maneuvers for the round.

    Thanks for releasing these.

  2. I really like these cards but have not seen any updates about them for 2 years now. , is this because you did not get many responses? Is that why you have released the blanks?
    I am thinking of using them with Rol220 a VTT (Virtual Table Top) that allows Decks to be designed and used. What I would like is the individual artwork in Jpg or Gif format so I can import them into Roll20. Of course I could just use the pdf you provided and take snip-its of each card but if I could get original artwork that would be better (is such exists). I would love to see you expand these cards with the other Maneuvers that have come along form the other books.
    Again great job, looks extremely professional.

    • The reason I have only released the blank versions is to make sure I don’t run into any copyright issues. Steve Jackson Games is very strict on that. I couldn’t even get permission to have these cards professionally printed for private use.

      I also use jpg versions for Roll20 and it works quite well. The best I can tell you is you will have to write up all the cards you want with the blank versions and take a screenshots. However the good news is you can customise the text for individual characters which is nice.

      I would really want to get these professionally printed. I could use about 6 decks.

      As for the long absence is because I found a new job and it is overnights and we only just started playing again a few months ago but we are playing GURPS Fallout a Post Apocalypse Game. It’s just like Dungeon Fantasy but in the future.

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